Sunday, September 14, 2008

My List 2008 - 2009

My list is sort of a Christmas, birthday, fathers day, and Generally a good guy list that I share with family and friends so they know what I need when buying a gift for me. Normally I don't end up with much on my list, nor do I expect to get much from my list even when I only put 1 or 2 items on it, such as this year.

1. I would like to add a little Adventure to my daily commute, and what better way to do that than a BMW F800GS Adventure Touring motorcycle. I would prefer it to be Black and Yellow as pictured. It should also included the option package which includes ABS, Heated Grips (I ride in the cold also), display computer, and center stand. And what would a Adventure Tourer be with out the side and top cases? Not much so it should have them as well. Talk to Bob Honz at Gateway BMW and he will make it happen. As you can see from the photo it fits perfectly.

2. Being the environmentally conscious person that I am I would like to add some MPG to my daily commute when I'm not adding the above Adventure. I believe that a Piaggio MP3 500 would do wonders for my MPG, not to mention how cool it would also make me look. Only one option: Demon Black. As you can see in the photo it goes well with my riding gear. Although a flat black helmet wouldn't hurt. Talk to Sean Brao at Vespa St. Louis.

So that's it just 2 items on the list, that's not asking for to much is it? GAW.

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