Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Chance meeting and Infrared images.

A couple of weeks ago while visiting my local Best Buy I was approached by a young sales lady and I gave her my canned response "I'm good, just looking", but instead of the typical "My name is ..... please let me know if I can be of assistance", she started to ask me questions.  She asked if I was a photographer (I was looking at photo bags, I'm always looking for the perfect bag), what did I like to photograph most, what kind of camera did I have, what brand was my favorite and so on.  She really opened up a can of worms, once she got me talking she couldn't get me to shut up. 

Needless to say IR photograph came up at some point.  IR can be a bit hard to explain.  I think seeing it makes it easier to grasp so I tried to explain how to get to my web-site (didn't have a card with me).  Afterward I got to thinking about the last time I posted any photos to the site and felt kind of guilty for telling her to visit.  She probably had to search back through quite a few post to find any IR images.

Since then my daughter and I have visited the Gateway Arch and The St Louis Zoo.  I took quite a few IR images at both locations.  So I hope the young lady from Best Buy will check back again and see that I have added some new images.  I would also like to thank her for encourageing me to get out and take some photos.


Arch and Zoo.  May-June 2011

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