Friday, December 5, 2008

It's all in the landing,

The day before Thanksgiving, what a great day. What a great day for a bike ride, or so I thought. After a full day of errands and chores I collect my gear and load the bike. I leave the house about 3 p.m. and drive the 5 miles to Sherman Beach Park, the plan being to ride from Sherman beach to Castlewood Park.

After doing my stretches I hit the trail. I don't get to far when I realize I need one more layer, so I circle back to the car. I'm not the only one to think today is a good day for a bike ride, the trails are full of bikers and hikers. I'm keeping up a good pace, I even pass a few other bikers. I realized my pace was a bit better than I thought just a little to late as I approach a drainage ditch. When the bike transitioned from going down the ditch to going up the ditch my body didn't. As evidenced from the accompanying image the first part of me to land was my right wrist. After my wrist touched down it sent rest of me into a tumble. When I stopped spinning I had made it to the top of the ditch, me on the left side of the trail and my bike the right. At some point in my get off I heard the obligatory "OH SH#T" come out of my mouth, and then something like "that's not good". I take a moment then get back on the bike and keep going. It didn't take long to realize that my right hand is not quite right. I ride on knowing there is a bench not far up the trail. Nothing looks out of place when I get my gloves off, but I still decide to cut my ride short, leaving only 5 miles back to the car.

Fast forward 5 days, my wrist is still hurting the same or worse so I call my doctor and get some x-rays of my hand and wrist. Of course the x-rays were negative.

Fast forward 3 more days, it still hurts. We have some down time at work so I stick my hand in the MR scanner and what should I find? Take a look at the attached image the arrows point to the 2 pieces of the hamate bone in the wrist. Oh by the way there shouldn't be more than ONE!

In the end it's all about the landing, or more appropriately the sudden stop. Well my cycling is done for 2008 and I think I will remember that ditch next year and slow it down just a bit.

To be continued...


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