Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Venus and the Moon help bring in the New Year.

If you happened to look up and towards the southwest any time after about 5 p.m. this afternoon you would have clearly seen the Moon and Venus below and slightly to the left. My attached photo doesn't do it justice. The photo by the way was taken from my garage using a 400mm lens. It is also evidence that I have more hobbies than time. The next evening that you pull up in the driveway take a moment before going into the house and just look up into the southern sky.

Warning Deep Thoughts Ahead!

If you take that moment and look up, think about the fact that the stars you see are just a small percentage of the stars out there, and how long it has taken for the light to reach us. If this doesn't make you feel just a bit small, nothing will.

So anyway Happy New Year, I hope you had your beans...

If only the summer sky could be so clear. GAW
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