Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The El Rancho Hotel Gallup, NM.

The El Rancho Hotel & Motel opened in 1937 and was exclusive choice of Hollywood movie stars when filming westerns in the area. I guess it didn't hurt that the owners brother was D.W. Griffith a big shot in the movie bussiness. The hotel looks much like it did in 1937.

Did I mention they have a restaurant? I orderd the Rita Morino other wise known as the enchilada plate. I choose beef over chicken or beans. The beef and I believe some potatos were wrapped in corn tortillas and covered with green chile and cheese. There were chips and salsa, rice and beans, and a flour tortilla (think dinner roll).

You may have noticed a trend in food post since crossing into Colorado and New Mexico, The green chile. The green chile not just for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I asked for ice cream instead of green chile on my apple pie. GAW

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