Sunday, July 6, 2008

Supper time.

By 1030 a.m. I was truly on the supper. My Supper destination was Hillsboro, KS and the Olde Towne Restaurant. The trip across eastern Kansas was uneventful, I arrived in Hillsboro about 4 p.m. and decided it was as good a time as any for supper. I had planned to eat the German buffet that they only have on Saturday night, but I was to early. Not wanting to stay in Kansas any longer than I had to I ordered off the Menu. I ordered the German Sausage and Verenika, it also came with a side of seasoned potatoes. The sausage is locally made and was quite good. The verenika is sort of a deep fried pastry filled with cottage cheese and then covered with country gravy. I ordered not knowing what it would be (trying to be brave) and was pleasantly surprised.

With supper done it was time to move. Leaving Hillsboro and heading west on U.S. 50, I started to get that same feeling I had several years ago when crossing Kansas on my motorcycle. I just wanted it to be done. Originally I thought I would spend the night in Kansas someplace, but I didn't stop until I arrived in Lamar, CO. GAW

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Anonymous said...

I loveee food pictures... thanks to share it ;)