Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mondays suck!

My plan was simple, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Knowing that the place I wanted to eat breakfast was only open for lunch and dinner I tried to arrive around 1030 or 1100. The only problem... I couldn't find it (I'm sure if it had been a fly it would have bitten me). After looking for 30 minutes I figured it was time to move on, Leona's in Chimayo, NM will have to wait until the next time.

So my breakfast would now move south. Now the job was to find Bobcat Bite in Santa Fe, NM. Easier said than done. I did find it. I found it closed! It appears that it is closed on Mondays, there was no sign stating their hours so I assume it will be open on Tuesday when I'm not there. The Chile cheese burger will also have to wait until next time, and breakfast will move even more to the south.

Things were beginning to look better, even though I took the long short-cut. I would eat my late breakfast soon. The Frontier was where it was supposed to and it was open (open 24 hrs except from 1 a.m. To 5 a.m.. The clock may have said 2 p.m. But it was still breakfast, so a breakfast burrito it would be. I ordered mine with sausage and a side of hash brown. After collecting my breakfast I stopped at the steaming couldren of chile, but had second thoughts. I had been forewarned by my friend Ben who has partaken in said chile. The chile in the burrito was just the right amount no extra was needed. The burrito was over running with scrambled eggs, sausage and the afore mentioned green chile. The hash browns turned out to be unnecessary as the burrito filled the plate and my stomach. GAW.

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