Sunday, July 13, 2008

It was so good I did it again.

I said in my post about Ted's Tacos if you're are within 50 miles you should stop and eat. I had to drive right by after I left Mesa Verde so I had no choice but to stop. For lunch I ordered a Navajo Taco. It is Indian fry bread with ground beef (sort of like beanless chili), beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatos and onions. It was good, but not as good as breakfast. I think if I had a few more times I would find the best items on the menu. If I hadn't been so full after the Navajo taco I would have ordered a frybread with butter and covered it with the honey and sugar on the counter. Ok you know me better than that, I got there just before closing and when I saw it on the menu the kitchen was already closed. One more reason to find my way back to Mancos. Ted asked how I liked Mesa Verde and wished me a safe trip home. I will be back. GAW.

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