Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mesa Verde National Park.

After a fine breakfast at Ted's Tacos I headed to Mesa Verde National Park. Locals tend to say it like "mesa virdy". I had got my tour ticket on Wednesday so that I could be in the first tour of the day. When I got into the park I lined up at the gate to Wetherill Mesa. They open the gate @ 9 a.m. then it takes about 30-40min to drive the twisting 12 miles to the parking lot. The Long House is only open during the summer and only cars or small trucks are allowed to drive the road. All tours through the Long House are led by a Ranger who gives a running commtary about the site. There isn't a lot of information as to why they built the cliff dwellings as they would have been difficult to build and keep supplied. They do know that the Indians who built them moved south around 1300 do to a drought that had been going on for about 25 years. It's a very interesting place and worth a visit. To see some of the photos I took follow this link. GAW

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